The Sixth International Forum for
Sustainable Asia and the Pacific


∗∗ Programme Details ∗∗ ∗∗∗ Three themes ∗∗∗
» Day 1: 23 July (Tue)
» Day 2: 24 July (Wed)
OP, P-1, L-1, P-2, L-2, CL
theme4 Low Carbon
PL-1, PL-3, PL-5,
, L-2, PL-11
theme4 Resilience
PL-2, PL-4, PL-6, Roundtable
theme4 Inclusiveness
PL-7, PL-9, PL-10,
PL-12, PL-13
[ Day 1] 23 July (Wednesday)

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