DAY1: 10:10-11:50Keynote Dialogue

Actions for Sustainability

This session asks an overall question on how to ensure effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and the SDGs at the global level. First, the session will introduce key points from the Paris Agreement and the SDGs and looks at what needs to be done to accelerate actions by considering the following four step approach on how we can translate these agreements into action: 1) setting visions and goals; 2) establishing effective processes for implementation; 3) ensuring stakeholder participation for mobilising actions; and 4) introducing and enhancing means of implementation (MOIs), including finance, technology and human capacity.

Laurence Tubiana
Kaveh Zahedi
Date & Time12 July 2016, 10:10-11:50LanguageEnglish /Japanese
VenueRoom503, Pacifico Yokohama Conference CenterSession No.KD

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