Three Pathways to a Climate-Resilient Society

Innovative Approaches to Stimulate Low-carbon Technology Transfer

The transfer of low-carbon technologies to developing countries will continue to play a crucial role in meeting the targets under the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda. Yet, despite the existence of a large number of partnerships, programmes, initiatives and instruments to promote Low Carbon Technology Transfer (LCTT), no framework, agreement, assessment or monitoring mechanism currently exists to bind them all together, which means they are becoming ever more fragmented and uncoordinated.

In the absence of an effective coordination mechanism, addressing all the phases of LCTT (Research, Development, Demonstration, Market formation, and Diffusion) whilst also managing existing initiatives remains a challenging task. Hence, an effective technology facilitation mechanism that builds on this work and reaps synergy through networking and partnerships is urgently required.

IGES and UNU-IAS have undertaken various research activities to promote LCTT. This session aims to share the findings generated through those activities so far, and gathers experts and practitioners from developed and developing countries, working across intergovernmental organisations, research institutes, government and the private sector, to solicit their views on those findings and in particular on:

  • 1) The linkages between the phases of LCTT and the role of stakeholders
  • 2) How to make “stakeholder matchmaking” an operational and effective model
  • 3) What role can be played by the Technology Facilitation Mechanism

Opening Remarks

Naoya Tsukamoto

Project Director, UNU-IAS

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Abdessalem Rabhi

Programme Manager, Kansai Research Centre, IGES


Dechen Tsering

Regional Director, UN Environment in Asia and the Pacific

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Girish Sethi

Senior Director, Industrial Energy Efficiency Division, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)

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Takashi Hongo

Senior Fellow, Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute

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Tsukasa Saito

Fellow, IGES

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Norichika Kanie

Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University / Senior Research Fellow, UNU-IAS

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