Three Pathways to a Climate-Resilient Society

Market Changes: Making Headway with Carbon Pricing in Asia

Carbon pricing remains one of the most widely recognised policy actions governments can take to encourage low-carbon behaviour and curb greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon pricing is growing in Asia, demonstrated by the launch of the region’s first emissions trading scheme (ETS) by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2010, Korea’s national ETS in 2015 and China’s ETS as of 2017. Such examples may signal a new era of low-carbon development in the region.

This session provides the opportunity to convene policymakers and experts to discuss the way forward with regard to ETS in Japan, China and Korea. As regional cooperation is particularly important for implementing and scaling carbon pricing, the potential for forging ETS linkages between the three countries will be taken up as one of the topics for panel discussion.


Ai Kaibu

Deputy Director, Office of Market Mechanisms, Global Environmental Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Japan


Qimin Chai

Director, International Cooperation Department, National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC), China


Il-Young Oh

Director, Climate Change Policy Division, Future & Social Policy Bureau, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea


Akiko Miura

Director, Emission Cap and Trade Section, Climate Change & Energy Division, Bureau of Environment, Tokyo Metropolitan Government


Zhen Jin

Research Manager, Climate and Energy, IGES


Yuji Mizuno

Director of Climate and Energy Area, IGES