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Asia and the Pacific have seen increased GHG emissions in recent years, with the impact being felt across the region. We must take action to mitigate these emissions and cope with the adverse effects of climate change, as well as securing a path to sustainable development for society as a whole. This year, the global community expects to reach two major milestones for climate change and sustainable development - future climate regime and sustainable development goals (SDGs) until 2030. In this context, ISAP2015 will invite leaders, experts and representatives for up-to-date discussions on how to forge multi-stakeholder partnerships which go beyond levels and sectors to meet the climate change targets and SDGs as one overarching goal. Partnerships can bring about innovative and practical solutions that enhance lifestyle changes as we move towards sustainable society.

What is ISAP?

The International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) is a two-day forum, held once a year with a timely theme, to promote diverse discussions on sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. It also aims to provide opportunities to boost information-sharing and strengthen collaborative efforts with front-line experts and diverse stakeholders from international organisations, governments, business and NGOs, drawing upon the international/regional networks in which IGES plays an important role.

ISAP is made up of the three components: i) Open Sessions, in which the latest research activities are presented and shared, ii) Expert Workshops, where specific themes are discussed in depth, and iii) Network Meetings in which important issues facing this region are discussed with relevant international/regional networks.

This comprehensive structure is designed to create synergy to promote a sustainability agenda in the region through various discussions and networking among participants.


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