Plenary Sessions
Creating the Conditions to Reduce Biodiversity Loss
Climate Action in Asia in the “Decisive Decade”
Can COVID-19 Revitalise the SDGs and Enhance the Post-2030 Sustainability Agenda?
Panel Discussion: “The Decisive Decade: Towards Integrated Solutions to Climate, Biodiversity and Other Planetary Challenges”
How Can Business Lead the Transformation that the World Needs?
Thematic Tracks
Nature-based Solutions for Accelerating Climate Change Adaptation – Challenges and Possibilities for the Asia-Pacific
Thematic Track 2 (Japanese only)
Result of Article 6 of Paris Agreement and Future Perspectives on the Carbon Market
Proud to be a “Change Agent” – Implications from award-winners of FY2020 IGES President’s Award
Young Researchers’ Innovative and Original Approaches to Solve the Problems of Climate Change and the SDGs
EU-IURC Joint Session: The Role of Municipalities in Promoting the Renovation Wave
A Hydrogen-based Society: Can Japan Promote Green Hydrogen Production in Asia?
1.5℃ Lifestyles - Co-creation of Decarbonised Society through Collaboration among Citizens, Business and Government
How Can Countries Strengthen Planning and Action on the SDGs?
Landscape Approaches for Biodiversity, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Co-benefits
Riverine Microplastics Pollution in ASEAN Countries – Current State of Knowledge
Cutting Methane Gas from the Waste Sector, Crucial for Zero Carbon Societies in Asia and the Pacific
Zero Deforestation in Supply Chain of Imported Agricultural Commodities
Thematic Track 14 (Japanese only)
Zero-carbon Cities – The Implications of COP26 and Beyond
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