ISAP2015 Plenary Session

Dialogue amongst Japan, China and Korea:

Japan, China, Korea’s Roles for Climate Policy - Partnership for a New Age

For climate stabilisation, our common target is to halve GHG emissions reduction in 2050. Indeed, this is the biggest challenge for the 21st century and one which the current generation should tackle steadily, independent from international political situations. Under such circumstances, Japan, China and Korea have substantial roles and hold the key to stablise climate, as the emissions from these three countries account for approx. 30% of global emissions. Currently, our three countries are very active in working towards forming a low-carbon society. We have prominent low-carbon technologies, high-efficient industries and robust finance, all helping to prop up the world economy. If our three countries make further advances in knowledge-sharing and increase synergies by promoting regional research cooperation, we can make a huge contribution not only to Asia, but also to the world, based on our accumulated knowledge.

This session will declare the launch of the “Tripartite Climate Policy Research Forum” for Japan, China and Korea, led by key figures of the three countries who have long-term and broad perspectives, promoting joint research on science-based climate policies by core institutions in each country.


[Keynote Speaker]

Yoriko Kawaguchi, Professor, Meiji Institute for Global Affairs, Meiji UniversityPDF (336KB)


Toward harmonized actions for low carbon economy transformation in the Northeastern Asian Region
Hoesung Lee,
Vice-chair, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) / Professor, Korea University Graduate School of Energy and Environment
PDF (209KB)
Can We Do it? China's Low Carbon Future: 2 degree pathway
Kejun Jiang,
Senior Researcher, Energy Research Institute
PDF (696KB)
Possible research themes for promoting further collaboration in the future
Hikaru Kobayashi,
Project Professor, Keio University
PDF (797KB)


Hironori Hamanaka, Chair of the Board of Directors, IGES
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Date & Time28 July 2015, 14:25-15:40LanguageEnglish /Japanese
VenueRoom503, Pacifico Yokohama Conference CenterSession No.P-3


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