ISAP2015 Parallel Session

Energy Revolution from Kanagawa

Energy policy of local governments and voluntary activities by local enterprises are set to play more important roles to achieve low-carbon societies. They also help develop communities that are resilient to natural disasters, in terms of deployment of de-centralised and/or renewable energy. Smart grid is the key infrastructure to achieve a low-carbon and resilient local energy system, and local communities can and should become energy-providers and end-users of the smart grid, taking into account the deregulation of electricity. Professor Kashiwagi, Tokyo Institute of Technology, will provide a key-note speech. Kanagawa Prefecture will present “Kanagawa Smart Energy Plan” and related advanced activities. Its ambitious intention is to start an energy revolution from Kanagawa. Two local enterprises will showcase activities including a voluntary energy fund in cooperation with local citizens. IGES will report on international best practices and finally Prof. Kashiwagi will summarise the session.


[Keynote Speaker]

Takao Kashiwagi, Distinguished Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology


Hitoshi Fujimaki,
Director General for Energy, Kanagawa Prefectural Government
PDF (1.7MB)
Tomohiko Miyahara, President of the FujisawaSST Management Company / The Manager of the Panasonic CRE Business Development Group
Masahiko Shizawa,
Vice President, Houtoku Energy Co.
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Yusuke Matsuo, Deputy Area Leader / Senior Policy Researcher, Green Economy Area, IGES
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Naoya Tsukamoto, Principal Researcher / Secretary General, IGES
Date & Time28 July 2015, 15:55-17:25LanguageEnglish /Japanese
VenueRoom502, Pacifico Yokohama Conference CenterSession No.PL-3


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