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Plenary Session 4

9:00 - 10:40 Room No.301+302

Regional Cooperation for Adaptation Planning beyond Boundaries

Climate change impacts are being felt at the global, regional, national and local levels. South Asia and the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region, hosting a number of vulnerable population groups, continue to face transboundary impacts of climate change on shared natural resources, including water reserves from the Himalayas. Countries are addressing these challenges through their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and adaptation plans. However, national adaptation planning frameworks generally do not sufficiently address the regional implications of climate change, especially those pertaining to transboundary impacts. Promoting regional cooperation for adaptation planning will help tackle transboundary impacts of climate change as well as provide opportunities to use adaptation actions in such areas as resource mobilisation, knowledge transfer and strategic communication. Some regions in Asia, such as ASEAN, have done well in terms of regional risk reduction governance by utilising shared resources for the promotion of planning and implementation, including by initiating common approaches such as the creation of Working Groups for risk reduction, and establishing guidelines and tools for decision-making. In considering the importance of regional cooperation towards achieving the Global Adaptation Goal under the Paris Agreement, this plenary session will bring experiences from Japan, HKH, and ASEAN to discuss the role of various knowledge institutions and bilateral agencies in supporting cross-boundary adaptation planning and implementation for tackling mutual climate threats.

Concept Paper

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Transboundary Impacts of Climate Change in Asia: Making a Case for Regional Adaptation Planning and Cooperation


Regional Programme Manager for Atmosphere, the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)

President, Ibaraki University

President, IGES

Chief Director, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES)

Director General, Global Environment Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Deputy Director, Climate Change Programme Department, National Environment Agency, Republic of Singapore

Regional Director, UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (UNEP-ROAP)

Programme Director, Natural Resources and Ecosystem Services Area, IGES

Day1 18 July 9:00-17:30
Day2 19 July 9:00-18:00