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Thematic Track 8

16:05 - 17:35 Room No.303

The Joint Crediting Mechanism’s (JCM) Contribution to Sustainable Development

While many countries around the world are increasingly taking actions to implement their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and curb emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), various stakeholders ranging from cities to businesses are exploring innovative ways to promote low carbon projects. The Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM), established bilaterally between Japan and 17 partner governments, has proven to be an important catalyzer of financing for low-carbon technology transfer in a number of developing countries.
As the Paris Agreement continues to gain international traction, it is becoming increasingly important to explain how the JCM contributes to the realisation of the UNFCCC’s ultimate goal and the implementation of Article 6 on cooperation mechanisms. This session at ISAP2018 presents an opportunity to mobilise relevant stakeholders from the public and private sectors in order to advance the climate agenda and foster the further development of low-carbon technology transfer projects in JCM partner countries.
This session will also afford an occasion to share experiences and achievements related to emissions reduction as well as to highlight key outcomes from JCM activities in 3 JCM partner countries. The session will also discuss the status of international climate negotiations including the rule-making process. Building a common understanding on the rules of international carbon markets among policymakers in the Asia Pacific region will help to guide the more effective design and development of low-carbon technical assistance projects.


Programme Manager,
Climate and Energy Area, IGES


Director of International Negotiations, Market Mechanisms Office, Climate Change Policy Division, Global Environmental Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ)


Deputy Director for Financing Cooperation, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Indonesia / Head of Indonesia JCM Secretariat


JCM Secretariat, Environment and Climate Fund, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Mongolia


Director and General Manager, Solution Business Division, YUKO-KEISO Co.,Ltd.


Policy Researcher,
Climate and Energy Area, IGES

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