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Thematic Track 2

16:00 - 17:30 Room No.303

Invitation to the Talanoa Dialogue: The World is Awaiting your Stories

The "Talanoa Dialogue" launched in January 2018 refers to the process of enhancing motivation to achieve the 2/1.5 degrees target of the Paris Agreement by pursuing a shared vision on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. In so doing the Dialogue aspires to jointly raise ambition on current Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). "Talanoa" translates to mean an "inclusive, participatory, and transparent dialogue process" as reflected by the words of Fiji, chair of COP23. The purpose of Talanoa is to share stories, build empathy and to enact wise decisions for the collective good. The Talanoa process involves the sharing of ideas, skills and experience through storytelling, bearing in mind “Where are we”, “Where do we want to go” and “How do we get there”. In this session, we will clarify the process, significance and progress, as well as introduce how to participate in “Talanoa Dialogue” and communicate their "stories".


Research Leader / Principal Researcher, Climate and Energy Area, IGES


General CSR Division Manager, Corporate Citizenship Department, AEON Co., Ltd.


Vice Governor, Nagano Prefectural Government


Director General of Climate Change Policy Headquarters, City of Yokohama


International Director, Kiko Network


Director, Research and Information Office, Policy Planning Division, Global Environment Bureau, Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ)


Director, Future Energy and Mobility Structures, Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy

Project Manager and Research Fellow,
International Research Center on Environment and Development (CIRED)

Joint-Director, Knowledge and Communications, Strategic Management Office, IGES

Day1 18 July 9:00-17:30
Day2 19 July 9:00-18:00