Driving Transformative Actions through Integrated and Innovative Approaches

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Plenary Session 3

14:10 - 15:40 Room No.301+302

Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy: Global Dynamism and Opportunities

The concepts of resource efficiency and circular economy have recently joined climate change on the centre stage of the global sustainable development agenda. The G7 addressed resource efficiency and Circular Economy as priorities, including at the 2015 Elmau Summit in Germany, the Toyama Environment Ministers’ Meeting in Japan (2016) and the Bologna Environment Ministers’ Meeting in Italy (2017). The OECD and International Resource Panel (IRP) have established a policy-relevant and scientific knowledge base that defines the important role played by resource efficiency and the circular economy in guiding social and economic transitions. For example, the European Union is a leader in international efforts promoting resource efficient and low-carbon initiatives including by promoting innovative business practices to generate impacts. Responding to this policy dynamism, the private sector—especially multinational corporations—has developed new approaches for driving resource efficiency and circular economy practices, exploiting new market opportunities in the process. These actions have major implications for stimulating economic development in Asia. Accordingly, the purpose of this session will be to explore the potential of translating these lessons in the Asian context, examining prospects for transitioning to more resource-efficient and circular economy patterns across the region. In so doing the session will situate this analysis within wider discussions on policy challenges associated with such efforts, including synergies and trade-offs.


Professor, Keio University


Director, Environment and Development Division, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)


Project Director, Circular Economy, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra

Head, Circular Economy Initiative, World Economic Forum (Geneva)


Director, IGES Centre Collaborating with UNEP on Environmental Technologies (CCET)


Day1 18 July 9:00-17:30
Day2 19 July 9:00-18:00