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Plenary Session 4

Collaborative Action for Climate Change

The plenary will commence with a keynote speech by Sandrine Dixson-Declève, a Co-President of the Club of Rome, and one of the lead authors of the organisation’s report, “Climate Emergency Plan”, published last December. Next, Yuji Mizuno, Programme Director of the IGES Climate and Energy (CE) Unit, will speak about how the Paris Agreement can contribute to necessary actions by introducing the mechanics of the international convention. He will also briefly touch on the prospects for COP25 this year. Then, Ajay Mathur, Director General of TERI, will provide his comments. This will be followed by an exchange of views and opinions with the audience.


Co-President, Club of Rome


Director, Climate and Energy Area, IGES


Director General of TERI – The Energy & Resources Institute, and a member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change


Principal Fellow, Strategic Management Office, IGES